Do I need a reservation?

For most of our programs you don’t require tickets. If we have a program with tickets you will find it on the event page. Note further: Unless otherwise stated our program needs no reservations. Buy your ticket at the door.

I want to tell a story. How can i get in contact with you?

We are always looking forward to have new storytellers. But first we want to get to know you. So just come by and talk to the host of our night if she/he has a free spot. Do this on our Wednesdays, because our big Friday nights usually have a fixed program. We even have an Open Mic evening – every third Wednesday (check our program). I repeat: don’t write us emails about your abilities as a storyteller – come along! We want to meet you, and want you to share your story.

I have a car. I want to park?

There is no parking at the Veemkade. A parking garage with reasonable prices is a stone’s throw away (around 200 meters – you should use a very small stone). Name: Nieuw Amerika. If you want to load/unload you are free to do – but you need a pass to enter Veemkade. You get the pass at our bar.


Our venue is wheelchair accessible. We also have a toilet for disabled people.


We have lockers, if you want to keep your staff save. It will eat 1 Euro.

I hate storytelling and storytellers in particular. Am I in the right spot?

Yes! Or, no …? No!