Waar het schuurt

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“Wanneer we weer thuis zijn hoor ik mijn moeder zeggen, Haci, mijn ziel krimpt. Ik leg een arm om haar schouders en loop langzaam met haar door de voordeur. Alles komt goed ma… alles komt goed.” Telkens wanneer Haci deze regels uitspreekt breekt mijn hart een beetje. Hij heeft verteld over zijn Turkse moeder die […]

Stories, stories, stories

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So, I’m sitting in the Mezrab at the final Wednesday night storytelling event here before we take a summer break. I’m not hosting it myself, our good friend Marijn Vissers has that pleasure, so I’ve got a bit of time to update you about all the different story related things newsbits that have piled up. […]

Two new places for Stories

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For a while we’ve been trying to seed storytelling in new places. To get new audiences to know our beloved artform, to let it find more and more its place in the main stream. This weekend and the next there’s two new places we can add to that list: This Sunday (April 2nd) there’s an […]

The Herman Divendal award

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A week and a half ago we were bestowed a huge honour. To get it (and I had no idea I would get it) I raced from a performance in Amersfoort to the ceremony in the Public Library Amsterdam theater where they were about to announce the short listed candidates. One of the three people […]

The Storyteller dies…

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Though the romantic story of how I got into storytelling is that my father inspired me, there’s another storyteller who played a part almost as large. I simply knew him by the name The Storyteller. A series created by Jim Henson (the Muppet Show, Labyrinth, etc.) which told the old European fairy tales with great […]

Mezrab @ Frascati / Storytelling @ Theater

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Last night we finished our four day collaboration Other Stories with the Frascati theater. It was an experiment to see if audiences would appreciate more storytelling in theaters, how we can expand the notions of storytelling, and how the curated shows explore themes of (cultural/political) identity. While we still have to digest a packed four days here’s three (Dutch […]