The Storyteller dies…

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Though the romantic story of how I got into storytelling is that my father inspired me, there’s another storyteller who played a part almost as large. I simply knew him by the name The Storyteller. A series created by Jim Henson (the Muppet Show, Labyrinth, etc.) which told the old European fairy tales with great writing, amazing visuals and above all, a master teller that glued it all together. I saw and re-saw them, first on TV, later on tape and DVD. The first stories that I told were the ones that appeared on this show. Sadly a second season of the show (featuring Greek myths) was cancelled mid season as parents thought it was too gruesome. It pissed me off: these were stories that mattered, not like the cleaned up happy meals that Disney gave us.

Sadly the original Storyteller, John Hurt, passed away last week. Good sir, we’ll keep listening to your stories and we’ll keep telling them:


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