Two new places for Stories

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For a while we’ve been trying to seed storytelling in new places. To get new audiences to know our beloved artform, to let it find more and more its place in the main stream. This weekend and the next there’s two new places we can add to that list:

This Sunday (April 2nd) there’s an afternoon concert in the beautiful dome of the Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest. They had seen my collaboration with the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and now we’re doing a short together in the afternoon. 13 members of the orchestra will play Appalachian Spring (by Kaplan) with stories around it by yours truly (Dutch)


The week after (April 9th) the Mezrab is invited to provide an English language story afternoon in the Jewish Historical Museum. We’ll tell stories around the theme of prejudice to connect with the current exhibit of the JHM. You get to come for the price of just a museum visit, so if you felt like seeing the museum anyway, this is the time. If you have a museum card the visit is even free!

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