Storytelling Dump

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It’s summer! Or at least that’s what the calendar says. No matter. A bit of rain has never hurt anyone. At least sitting inside waiting for the rain to pass is a good moment to dump a few bits and pieces you might be interested in. First off, whole bunch of people forwarded us an article […]

R.I.P. mister Director

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Yesterday one of the icons of Iranian cinema passed away. Abbas Kiarostami meant a lot of things to a lot of people, raising the level of Iranian cinema and making it known around the world. But he also has a significance to this one storyteller. When I started telling stories there wasn’t a storytelling school […]

La Musica

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Anastasios, one of our resident music gurus, has started to record some of the performances at the Mezrab. Here’s the first video he dropped. The Russian maffia rockers La Minor: [youtube]

Media attention

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Last week we appeared in some nice publications. One was a ten minute mini radio documentary (in Dutch) as part of the programme Radio Doc. The show is one hour long, but to get to our part, skip to minute 45. We where excited to appear on Dutch national radio, but not less so with […]

Portraits from Vodoley

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If you’ve been to the Mezrab in the past weeks I’m sure you’ve noticed the art pieces up on our walls. They’re paintings made by Tim Brignall (UK), currently residing in the Netherlands. We’re very proud to exhibit his work, have a look at what he says about the pieces himself: In the April 2015 […]

Event highlights

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Hey dear internet friends! Last time we sent out a mail I asked you to comment on our new weekly mail format. You guys didn’t disappoint me: 34 % Let us know you loved the new format. 29 % Messaged to say they where sorry to see the old format go. 18 % Just wanted […]

Where do we go?

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As the wheels of Mezrab are turning in Amsterdam, I find myself in the Teutonic Castle of Alden Biesen. It’s the first year I’m invited to stay and perform there, together with Mezrab Storytelling School co-founder Raphael Rodan, who has been there previously with his previous shows. The place is amazing, a big castle with […]

While in Brussels

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Today we woke up to the sound of sirens. Our producer could not reach us on the phone and sent us a message from Spain. Please tell us you’re safe guys, what can I do from here? After that we were glued to the screens of our laptops to get the slow dripping of news. […]