Lines and Leaves

Hi Mezrabians!

Some time ago two of our friends decided to collaborate: Alborz Sahebdivani ventured into the nature with his camera, and Margo van de Linde wrote poems inspired by his pictures. The end result is precious, and we want to share it with you, take a look:


These days dew drips off me while real rain rides into my veins.
I guess it was about time I experienced the integral.
Jagged edges don’t seem rough now, they are just the definition that’s needed for me to place myself within this frame as i see fit.

Soft as cotton she appears.
A careful arm extended, still spinning herself out.
Who would dare pass me by, pick me, preserve me in some container of glass?
I was made only for the admiration that sits on the whisp of air in your step as you pass me by.

And in that moment,
As i arched my back and extended my arms with hand and pointed finger towards any possible sky,
I knew: freedom has been, and always will be, right here.

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