Silver Lining of 2020

So, 2020 turned out to be another name for Pandora’s box. So much came out of it that was painful, or just weird. From the almost war between the US and Iran, raging fires in Australia, murder hornets, the rise of far right, and obviously the pandemic. But you’re not going to read anything new on the Mezrab blog about all that which you didn’t know before.

Instead we’re just going to put here only some of the cool things we did do in 2020. Because honestly, that’s what the Mezrab is all about. It was formed out of a need to do what we missed in life. And boy, when that need was present this year we stepped up and did a whole bunch of stuff. So here’s in no particular order:

In 2020 we collaborated with a few different organisations. Some for the first time, some as a continuation of previous collaborations. First off, there was the Oerol festival which, like many other festivals, had to cancel doing live shows with audiences. Instead they turned the island into a laboratory for collaborations and experimentation. One of which was a project in which a live film and a story were performed, while the audience was able to vote on how the story progresses. Here’s Anastasis of Mezrab meeting with the One Seconds interactive film lab at Oerol: watch it here!

Another collaboration we did was with the Bostheater. This Amsterdam icon is a theater that in non-Corona times packs 1500 people to watch great outdoor theater spectacle. We were asked to come and do small storytelling shows there, as the place couldn’t afford to bring a huge audience. The result was a few amazing shows, some of which benefitted from the outdoor ambience, and some of which drowned in the rain (though the audience showed exceptional bravery and stayed till the end). For the Dutchies, you can read what the Theaterkrant had to say about it here.

Speaking about the Theaterkrant, they were also very happy to review the shows Mezrab made with Vis-a-Vis. A project called Almere 187  brought together regular people of the city of Almere who had never told a story before. In two evenings we worked on the stories to whip them in shape and bring them to the stage, alongside the stories of experienced tellers. Here’s what the Theaterkrant wrote (again, in Dutch).

But even if you can’t read Dutch here’s a few pictures of the event, taken by Anna van Kooij that can give you an idea of what it felt like to tell and listen at this intimate event:

Look, so many carpets!


New storytellers in the spotlight.


Jacqueline Korevaar sharing a story.


And, of course there was music!


That’s it for today, but we’ll be back soon with more news about Mezrab stuff!

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