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The last storytelling event of the year concluded last night on the theme of “Home…” With different storytellers and musicians we looked at different aspects of it. From the way our parents try to create it for us, to the feelings of fear when it’s under attack. From finding a home in an unlikely place, to creating a home away from home.

In the middle of the night we asked the audience to send us messages to our phone. Completing the sentence, “Homs is…” It rained messages into the phone. These are the answers that you gave us:


Home is where the bra is not

Home is where the cat is

Home is where you can fart as loud as you want

Home is where my parents live

Home is anywhere where I can kick your ass in video games

Home is green and fresh, waking up to the sound of galloping horses and the feeling
of hot sun. Home is drinking copious amounts of terrible beer with friends you’ve
known for too long and the trouble you caused is too childish for your age. Home is
a full pantry and a combrotable couch. Home is rough sand and cold water. Home is a
24 hour flight, a 12 hour layover and 1200 euros away.

My home is where Raffa is

Home is where you can make mistakes, maybe dwell over them, maybe let them go
Home is where you give up, where you let go so you can dream about tomorrow

Home is te view over the water, the sound of the birds and a glass of sherry in my

Home is where I can see people at their eyes and feel their souls

Home is warmth, love, without exploitation, without dead animals

Home is her eyes

Home is not a lot of space

Home is where I dream about the rest of the world
Where we unload and reload

Home is there where that you dream is when you are asleep

Home is where I feel comfortable. It is more depending on the people that are there
than the actual place

Home is where I eat with good people

Home is where my favorite music plays the loudest

Home is where the fireplace burns, where you feel safe, where everything is quiet, where the
party at

Home is not where you are from, but where you make it!

Home is where you cook a good meal

Home is going to bed, happy to wake up in the morning

What is home? It’s where you can be yourself, where you have room for yourself.
Without too much effort it makes you feel nice. That’s what home is for me.

Home is… feeling safe

Home is where there is love and peace

Home is where I sleep the best

Home means knowing that those unseen are stil with you at your highest peak and
lowest point in life

Home is where you feel the coziest

Home is the blue sea and pink skies, nights of wine and dawns of fun. Home is in your smile

Home is:
– mum’s cooking
– the the dog is
– family
– laughter
– cosy “gezellig”

Home is where I wipe my feet on the doormat

Home is WHO you’re from

Home is where I feel the love

Home is where I can feel truly myself

Home is where cheese and wine is

Home is… Safety, a place where you can love and be loved in return

Home is where I sleep (good)

Home is where the love is

Home is where you are not afraid of the dark

Home is where you feel safe and comfortable

They say home is where the hate is, I say home is where the faith is

Home is where your heart is there

Home is where I can be myself

Home is where you go when you are sad

Home is Light, Peace, Love


If you have more “Home is…” to add, leave them in the comments. And see you in the new year!

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