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Hey, let’s talk music for a bit. I know a lot of people think of us primarily as a storytelling space. It’s even in our website description, where we call ourselves Mezrab — The House of Stories. However, when we started the Mezrab in 2004 music was as important, if not more important than our storytelling events.

We had a concept that was pretty unique: every Saturday we would gather and jam. It didn’t matter what style you played, or what your level was. We were the hangout of some of the best musicians in Amsterdam. This is what it looked like:


Then it stopped when we moved the Mezrab to its next location in 2009. We needed something bigger, and hired a location that we thought would allow us to continue the music. It turned out not to have the soundproofing we thought it had, and neighbours forced us to focus on the storytelling. This was a blessing on the one hand, the stories bloomed. However, we were sad to see the music go. 10 years later we can cautiously say that the music is back. For a big part because of the efforts of our team member Rogier, a.k.a. DJ Zé Karlo.

He’s been one of the driving forces behind creating our monthly night called The Music Room, which recreates the spirit of the old days:


He also takes care of a few other music nights that we have periodically, the Vintage Voodoo DJ nights, the Club Antre Balkan experiences (mostly on Saturday) and the Club Amsterdam Klezmer events that happen on Thursday. Keep an eye out for them on our website.
Apart from these regular nights we have also stepped up inviting cool bands to give concerts. Here’s two for you to put in your planner:
On March 7th we will open our doors for the Hudaki Village Band.
Check them out:


And on March 9th we will welcome the coolest Iranian band of this decade and the next: BOMRANI!
Look how cool they are, their latest clip is inspired by Wes Anderson:


So, there you have it. Let it be known from now on that Mezrab doesn’t just take care of your storytelling needs, but it’s also the place where you go for some amazing musical journeys!

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