We came, we saw, and we conquered.

Mezrab team, always ready to tell more stories.

We had such a blast at Oerol. It was the logical continuation of what was started last year, when we did short stories at one of the main festival areas. This year we did the short stories too, but also ran our own stage, on which we played for over 3000 audience members. For those not in the know, Oerol is one of the biggest location theater festivals of Europe, putting on shows in the forest, the dunes, on the beach… And this year we got to both enjoy and co-create this festival.

Anastasis, feeling uplifted.

Stage preparation, under strict supervision of Karl.

It was also a little victory for the Mezrab Storytelling School, from which recently twelve students graduated, of which eight got on stage at the festival. If you want to have a little impression of what it was about, have a look at some of these pictures we took. As well as a read of the articles in which we were mentioned:
The Leeuwarder Courant (incidentally, the oldest daily paper in the Netherlands) wrote about My Father held a Gun, but also our students.
The article is behind a paywall, but here’s a peak just for you.


Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, beard and outdoor
Sahand and Raphael, all ready to perform in My Father Held a Gun.
The Theaterkrant dug into the Ontheemden with a glowing review:

Terschelling: come for the festival, stay for the views.


Nature managed to put on a very nice show too.
Finally there is this review in the Theaterkrant which is about the overall Oerol experience. We are mentioned in the last paragraph as the perfect example of programming that brings in a younger and more diverse audience:


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